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Digital world of taxes

Fully automatic VAT, income tax and vehicle tax returns.

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Who we are


We are an accounting company called aMusevity and we have been pioneers in digital accounting since 2012. We are a team of experienced professionals in the field of taxes and payroll, who believe in the power of innovation bringing simplicity and transparency and at the same time keep being friendly. We think that all business leaders – small or large – should have their accounting under their thumb. 👍🏼

That is why, besides complex accounting services, we also provide innovative digital products called Client Zone and TaxClick. Accounting should not be an obstacle in business. Contact us and let’s take a look at the cooperation possibilities together.

Entrust your business to the hands of accounting professionals

Our goal

We want your accounting to help you with everyday decisions and not to burden you.

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Our approach

You can keep continuous track of everything by transforming classic “paper” accounting into a digital one.

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our goal

that keeps up with the times

Times change and the technology changes with them. Our goal in aMusevity is to make accounting help you make everyday decisions rather than burden you.

That is also why we have created the Client Zone – a tool that saves your time, enables you to track deadlines, evaluate and much more.

  • Receivables and payables tracking
  • Real time VAT
    and income tax
Our approach

Less is sometimes more

Simplicity does not have to be at the expense of functionality. We are convinced that by simplifying and making complicated accounting processes efficient, we can bring more transparency and new perspective into your business.

And you can have more time for things that matter to you.

  • Fair price, friendly approach
  • Available non-stop,

A fusion of efficiency
and real-time data

Our products are designed not to stand in your way. You will keep a complex track of your accounting thanks to the Client Zone. Every change will immediately manifest in real time, so that you can keep track at all times. For instance, what your VAT amount is at the moment.

Do you need to verify a specific transaction in the past? You can upload all your documents conveniently into the system and get back to them any time. more

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Satisfied Clients

It does not matter whether you are an international corporation or a local freelance. All our clients are provided with personal approach and tools that enable them to grow further.

Mgr. Michal Feterik
Chief Accountant, CEO
Adriana Kotorová
Back Office, CEO
Ing. Alexander Karaffa
Senior Expert Accounting,
Tax Consultant
Ing. Zuzana Karumníková
Katarína Linnerová
Junior bookkeeper
Silvia Kollárová
How long is the cooperation contract valid for?

The contract is valid for an indefinite period of time with a two-month notice period.

Can you provide me with a virtual seat if needed?

Yes, in case of interest, we can provide you with a virtual seat at the address of our business premises Pasienková 2/D, 821 06, Bratislava or at the address Panónska cesta 17, 851 01, Bratislava, in the building of the City University of Seattle.

Do you also found new companies?

Our company does not found new limited (s.r.o.) companies.

What do you need in order to take over the accounting from the previous accounting company?

When migrating to us, it is necessary to deliver the following documents and accounting statements:
- liabilities book,
- receivables book,
- accounts stocktaking,
- property stocktaking,
- journal in XLS,
- latest income tax return including calculation and documentation regarding deductible and non-deductible items and non-fiscal costs,
- if the current company processes your accounting in Pohoda software, it is always an advantage if they provide respective years backups from the software.

When can we start cooperation?

The date of cooperation start is always determined after mutual agreement. In reality, the cooperation start date is often affected by the date of documentation delivery from the previous accounting company.

How much do I pay for accounting?

You can calculate expected regular accounting costs by entering some basic data or you can contact us to prepare a price offer. We issue an invoice for an agreed monthly fee each month and we provide a quarterly statement for all services provided and invoice possible outstanding amount. The minimum monthly accounting fee is €40 + VAT for a real person and €50 + VAT for a legal person. You can find our current pricelist here

Do you file a tax return for me? How much would I pay?

Of course, we file a tax return for you. The price for filling in the tax return can be found in our pricelist.

How often should I send the documents?

It is necessary to send the documents continuously, at least once a week. The documents are by priority sent by uploading to the Client Zone or by e-mail. We recommend using the option to send the documents directly from your suppliers to the Client Zone using a unique e-mail address, which you receive immediately after becoming our client.

Can I send the documents by post?

Yes, you can send documents by post to our company address Bieloruská 33, 821 06, Bratislava, or to the address of our business premises Pasienková 2/D, 821 06, Bratislava.

How often can you provide me with accounting outcomes?

You have most of your accounting data available via the Client Zone: receivables and payables status, cash and bank accounts status. You can find more information on the Client Zone here

No paperwork

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