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TM WASH s.r.o.
16.02.2022 | root

We have been cooperating with aMusevity®, s. r. o for many long years already. We have entered Slovak market in the field of car wash.
aMusevity®, s. r. o has provided us with professional accounting support and they process all our accounting. They have helped us to find optimisation of our operations and to save costs in administration and finance. We would like to highlight the most professional approach and knowledge of all employees and the leadership of this company in personal dealing as well as for us ‘remote’ phone and e-mail communication. It is clear that the dynamics of aMusevity®, s. r. o is on the rise and they are constantly trying to be closer to their clients – for instance by their remote access and the client portal, new webpage and so on. We really appreciate the cooperation and we give them 5 stars out of 5. ☺

16.02.2022 | root
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